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See PL-94-171 Demographic Profile Charts  for  state-level and selected county-level population by race and age charts.

Nationwide dataset of  block-level data extracted from PL94-171  file 2000 census.

Download state-by-state data:


                                                                     See also: Statistically Adjusted Dataset


 Population field names generally follow Maptitude nomenclature.

The files are in a comma-delimited format. Field names are in the first row. The field labeled "Code" can be joined to a similar field created when building block-level TIGER files using Maptitude or other geographic information system software packages. PL94 -171 fields showing detail for 3+ races are excluded. A  separate calculation for the Office of Management and Budget/DOJ minority definition for election plans and civil rights enforcement  is included (field names containing "DOJ") :

The Department of Justice allocates any multiple-race census response that included white and one of the five other race categories to the minority race listed in the response. The DOJ minority population figures include persons who identified themselves as (1) a single-race minority, (2) white plus one other race, (3) multiple-race (where more than one minority race is listed), or (4) Hispanic. This definition is in accordance with Department of Justice policy pursuant to Part II of OMB Bulletin 00-02. (Source: [Federal Register: January 18, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 12)] [Notices] [Page 5411-5414] From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov] [DOCID:fr18ja01-171]




A few geography fields were deleted, but the remaining geography field names were left unchanged. Many of the more obscure geography fields are either left blank or filed with 9's by the Census Bureau.
So while this is not the complete PL94 block-level dataset, it should be enough for most purposes. Population totals for higher levels of geography can be calculated using GIS or database software from these block-level files.
 These files are provided on an "as is" basis. There is no guarantee that the data files are error-free.  All states were run using the same query and extraction module in MS Access2002. Since March 2001, FairData's  PL94-171 files  have been used extensively in 35 states with no reported errors.

SAS Export Files: University of Wisconsin Center for Demography and Ecology FTP site

PL94_171 Files  -- via FTP -- state by state (full dataset) (requires FTP client software)

*Note that SAS truncates variable labels at 40 characters in transport files. Download the free SAS System Viewer (with text-file export capability)


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