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Links to FairData pages with downloadable and mappable datasets

PL 94-171 File  (2000 census)

Nationwide dataset of  block-level data  -- state by state

Nationwide dataset of statistically adjusted PL94 data (undercount)  - state by state (blocks & block groups)

Summary File 1 (2000 census)

Ttribal/national origin population counts    -- PCT 1 to PCT 11 -- nationwide tract data for American Indian tribes and for national origin groups within race/ethnic categories -- Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Latino.

Note: The files referenced below are compressed using WinZip and include field headers using Maptitude nomenclature. These files include all of P37 and P38 in the SF1 file.

Nationwide block group-level group quarters dataset  (csv format)

Separate files with block-level data for all 50 states:

 Nationwide block-level  group quarters dataset   (csv format)

Nationwide block centroid  group quarters extract:

ESRI  shapefile (9 megs includes .csv file with non-truncated field names)


.CSV file

Summary File 3 (2000 census)

Population living in poverty --  P159 (partial) --  nationwide block group data for all ages and under 18. .

Ability to speak English (Spanish Speakers only) -- PCT 62 (partial)-- nationwide block group data for 5 to 17 years and 18 to 64 years.

USDA 185% Poverty Data for child nutrition programs (2000 census)

** additional SF3 datasets are available upon request from non-profit community-focused organizations

Miscellaneous downloads

Florida Precinct Data (2000 FREDs dataset)

Greensboro MSA zipped (Maptitude format -- 3 megabytes)

 importdoj.DCT  (dictionary file that can be used interchangeably to load DOJ- formatted ascii files into Maptitude. To open with Maptitude, change the extension of the DOJ  file to *.asc, then rename  "importdoj.dct" -- to exactly match the name of the DOJ file. For example "importdoj.dct" would match a DOJ file named importdoj.asc.



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