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Racial Profiling
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PL 94 Data
SF 1 Data
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Community-based mapping and data solutions for education, environment, housing, and poverty-related issues

Developed in association with the
Norfolk State University Dept. of Political Science

Application and database development employing Maptitude and  Maptitude for the Web
Shared, scalable hosting for nonprofit interactive maps (local to national - census and other data)

Maptitude Carves Out Middle Ground (April 2002, Federal Computer Week)

FairPlan Interactive Maps       FairData Contrast Charts


 Statistically Adjusted PL94-171 Dataset and Undercount Mapper


SpatialNews Daily Geo-Spatial Industry News Wire...


American  FactFinder (U.S. Census Bureau data resource site)

School District Demographics (National Center for Education Statistics)

2001 Census(Census 2001 -- Canada)

    (Census 2000 -- Mexico -- select Spanish version for 2000 data)

Ameristat  (Population Reference Bureau)

Appalachian Demographics Sites (Center for Virtual Appalachia)

Census Information Center Participants  (resources for underserved communities)

Census State Data Centers (state government data resources)

Census 2000 Data Access and Use
    -- an information resource developed and maintained by Warren Glimpse (Proximity)

Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN)

California Neighborhood Research

CMAP  (NY-PIRG Community Mapping Assistance Project)

DATA on The NET -- University of California, San Diego  (Search or browse a listing of  over 700  Internet sites of numeric social science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses and more)

EnviroMapper Storefront

FairPlan   (community-based election plans)

FedStats  (gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies)    

- HUD E-Maps

Green InfoNetwok (Information and Mapping in the Public Interest)

Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research  (Clary-Meuser Research Network)

Movement Technology Institute

National Atlas Logo

National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (the Urban Institute)

National Priorities Project Database (The National Priorities Project)

Opportunity Mapping  (the Institute on Race & Poverty)

Reporting Census 2000 A Guide for Journalists
Created by Stephen K. Doig, Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University

SEDAC    (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center)

See the latest Census 2000 population and race data

This Caliper application lets you see Census 2000 population and race information by state, county, and tract for anywhere in the United States
Nationwide Environmental, Demographic, and Housing Data Maps ENVIRONMENTAL AND HOUSING MAP LIBRARY: This Caliper application lets you see environmental, housing, and demographic maps for anywhere in the United States.